Team Building

I mentioned last blog that the casting process was likely to take a couple of weeks, and indeed it is proving to be as complicated as I feared/hoped. The reason for “feared/hoped” is that while in some ways I would have loved there to be a simple answer – a blinding flash in the auditions as each character presented him/herself in actor form – in fact there is a real excitement in not having such simplicity – in  trying to juggle a mix of talented people, some of whom could clearly play several roles,  into the best places for the show as a whole. I’m getting there… with a definite Elizabeth, Hathorne and Hopkins ( a tiny part, usually doubled with Herrick and/or Cheever – but my guy’s going to be a fab cameo!); an almost definite Proctor, Hale, Putnam, Mercy, Susanna and Herrick; a possible Tituba (if she’s reading this, I really hope she goes for it!); and lots of options and possibles for the remaining cast. Rehearsals will start next week, so decisions will soon be made.

One of the things that pleases me most in terms of the likely cast is the mixture of people. Several of them I have known and worked with for many years; several I know, but have never worked with in this capacity; some are relatively new contacts – rapidly becoming friends; and some are brand new.  I think we’ll be a good team; aside from talent, humour is a vital attribute in an actor as far as I’m concerned – even (or perhaps especially) when preparing such a serious play – and laughter abounded at the auditions. (I was particularly grateful for the good-humoured laughter from the five first actors to audition; they had to sit outside the priory on the grass for 20 minutes while I frantically phoned around to locate a key for a building which should have been left unlocked for us…)

I’m now looking forward to the rehearsal process even more.

elaru xx

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