All Together Now

So, that’s that. The cast is finally complete – and not a moment too soon, as tickets go on sale this week! A lucky chance meeting on Friday gave me Sarah Good; Mercy Lewis and Danforth came via recommendations from the actor who is playing Parris (so as well as being a talented performer, Parris has already proved to be a very useful addition to the company!); and finally, Abigail’s part has been filled by a girl I contacted after remembering her recent impressive performance as the Nurse in a school production of Romeo and Juliet.

It was great to see most of the Salem community together at today’s rehearsal, even if at the start it felt a bit like a weird speed dating session as I tried – ineptly – to introduce actors to each other, particularly actors playing characters who have a history and relationship that is important in the play. We made a start, but I know these relationships will build – on stage and off – as rehearsals progress and, mostly, I just need to step back and let this happen. This is one of the strangest parts of directing: in the early stages of a production many actors need the closest rehearsal relationship to be with the director in order for them to have the confidence to find their character, experiment, ask questions etc; as the performance gets closer, though,  they need to almost leave the director behind and focus on the team of characters/actors who will be with them on stage in front of an audience. The show becomes theirs – and needs to become theirs for it to be successful. By this stage in proceedings, although I am very likely to still be “in love” with the play  – to use my analogy from an earlier post – I am also usually beginning to be involved in my next project as I find that this makes the transition period easier…

We’re some way from that now, though. It’s currently early days with The Crucible and I’m very excited about the journey ahead…

elaru xx

One thought on “All Together Now

  1. Reading a blog , after seeing this one, seems like a good idea; writing a comment on one, for me, is a first! The blog doesn’t, in any way, induce me to buy tickets for the production, but if I hadn’t already bought them, it would… tantalising glances of what might be, whet the appetite: black and white with maybe a splash of red, for example. Splendid, Elaru. Consider this a bookmarked and followed blog.

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