A Mystery…

As I’m just about to start my next set of projects, I thought I’d resume blogging. Autumn is here and as well as wind and rain (so not much different from summer, then), it has brought with it a range of new challenges, including Benjamin Britten’s Noye’s Fludde (complete with cast of thousands – well nearly), some political theatre (for Theatre Uncut – very early stages with that) and a Mystery Launch Opening for Lancaster Litfest.

The Mystery Launch is the one that is mainly occupying my thoughts at the moment as it is the first event of all. It takes place at 6pm on October 17th at The Dukes Theatre (in The Round); it will involve quite a large number of performers (not certain how many as yet); it will involve music, story-telling, comedy and drama; it will last an hour; it will cost £33 exactly (that’s the budget, which reflects the number of years the Litfest has been running); it will be free entry for audience members, though they must book in advance; and, er… that’s all I know.

That’s all I know, and the event is in two and a half weeks.

This is because another name for the Mystery Launch Event is the Flax Challenge (Flax Publishers), and the challenge is that I only find out the theme for the event 48 hours before it is performed!

With this in mind, I’ve contacted performers to secure their good-will, time and talents, and I’ve been reading around Flax publications for potentially useful material, as well as thinking about how to feature the £33 budget. But that’s about all I can do.

In some ways this makes it one of the most relaxing run-ups to an event I’ve ever known – normally with this amount of time to go, life is chaotic to say the least – but in other ways, stress-levels are high…

…though probably nothing compared with the levels they’ll be on the 15th of October…!

Wish me luck!

elaru xx