10 Days To Go…

The mystery launch event for Lancaster Litfest is getting closer. Much closer. But my preparation remains frustratingly much the same.

It’s a very strange experience, not knowing what the theme of the event will be. I’ve got to the stage where I’m trying to second guess – and a couple of days ago I even nearly held a rehearsal with a group of the performers who will be on stage at 6pm on the 17th. There would have been little point, though, so I’m glad I managed to hold my nerve and not waste their time!

Roll on October 15th… At least then I can make some decisions and get on…

Contrastingly, my other main current project – Noye’s Fludde – is following a much more usual pattern and is nearing completion (it’s also on next week!). It’s largely a youth play, and there have been six hours of rehearsals over the weekend, involving over fiifty young people aged seven upwards. The majority of these are playing animals on the ark. Particularly memorable so far are a pair of constantly (and I mean constantly…) bouncing kangaroos, two fabulously waddle-y penguins and a lone wolf, who will have a partner next weekend!

Never work with children or animals? So far, I’m having fun!

elaru xx

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