ELART Productions is going to Stratford!

Yes, you read that correctly! Though it still feels excitingly unreal to me.

Months ago, on a wet, miserable, winter Sunday afternoon, I sent off an application to perform in The Dell, the RSC’s open air space on the banks of the river and, amazingly, it was chosen, meaning we get to perform in Stratford one Saturday in summer 2013. Our show is in June, and we’ve had our first rehearsal.

It’s a revival of the all-male show I put on a couple of years ago – aiming to give a sense – in an accessible, and mostly humorous way – of what Shakespeare’s shows might have been like when women weren’t allowed on the professional stage; it’s a great contast in every way to my new Rose Company project, which is also about to begin and about which I’m also very excited. I’m not going to say any more about the Stratford show now as I’m also hopefully going to be blogging the process for the RSC website, so I’ll post those links as they happen.

I’m going to be crowd funding too – to cover Stratford expenses and, if at all possible, raise some money for future ELART shows. Please look out for the crowd-funding link soon – and consider supporting us, if you feel able.

That’s all for now… I’m so looking forward to summer 2013,and feel incredibly lucky to have these opportunities: Stratford and then Reading with newly formed Rose Company.

Watch this space for brief updates on both and also have a look at the Rose Company blog (link on twitter: @therosecompany) and the RSC site (can’t believe that either!) for further detailed information.

elaru xx

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