My husband, as I may have mentioned in an earlier blog post, has been known to describe the process of performance creation as a rollercoaster ride. As well as meaning that there are times during a rehearsal and planning period when I am clearly easier to live with than others (and there was me thinking I was always delightful…!), I think this is an interesting description and one that has links to inspiration. 

Inspiration is a funny thing – it comes and goes without bidding and has a huge impact on how I feel a production or planning process is going. I say it has an impact on how i feel a project is going because, to be honest, I’m not sure how much it impacts on the day to day process; I know that without it no production could ever occur, but do there have to be inspirational lightning bolts every day? I’m not sure…

In general terms, though, it is hugely useful in this line of work as it makes me feel creative, enerergetic and more confident than usual about networking, sharing ideas and possibilities and promoting current work.

Recent inspiration has come from:

– The Rose Company – a revival of Iphigenia is imminent and I can’t wait to get going – as well as planning for further in the future

– A new-ish regular freelancers’ gathering has given food for thought and some new performers for ELART’s next show – storytelling in some local non-theatre venues – full info soon

-A symposium about festivals – held by Lancaster jazz festival last week with some great speakers and left me buzzing with ideas

Whew! I’m feeling inspired – and I like it.

elaru xx

Back To…

My husband is a teacher, so, for him, today marked “back to school”. He loves his job, but this morning he was as sad as any pupil about the end of summer and the loss of freedom term-time brings with it. It won’t take him long at all to settle back, though, and immerse himself in the opportunities of school life.

September means that I am fully back to work as well – and not just with the educational commitments I too still have, which begin later in the month. Summer is always a strange time for theatre work, unless involved in a full festival production or some other event. It’s hard to plan as so many emails are answered by “out of office” messages as people are on holiday or away at festivals; hard to fully keep up with admin. because it’s sunny and warm outside (at least that’s been a legitimate excuse this year!).

So, September marks the return to all that. And I’m ready for it. I’ve already had a useful meeting this morning with Talk With Leap ( a great Lancaster-based organisation, who help emerging artists of all kinds), which has given me some tips and advice about a late-autumn story-telling event/show I’m planning for some local pubs. I’ve also been emailing various colleagues about The Rose Company, which is hopefully performing Iphigenia in Cambridge – and maybe other places – in late-November. I’m meeting with an actor soon, to talk about that and other things, and there are other contacts I need to make regarding ELART productions I have in mind for the new year and beyond.

I’m feeling energised, which is helpful.

Back to… the future!

elaru xx