ELART Productions – new website!


This is just a very short post to introduce my new webpage (link above). It’s nice to have everything in one place for once and the site will be updated regularly with news, pictures etc of new projects and events. It’s also nice to have a new work phone number and email – on the Contact page of the site. (These are part of the quest for a sensible work/life balance, though as any freelancer knows, having such a thing is a near impossibility, so it’s a good job I love what I do!)

My sincere thanks go to the designer of the site – an ex-pupil of mine from when I was head of drama in a secondary school. If you like his design and you need a website, I highly recommend him and can put you in touch (or you can google Creative Marketing Solutions).

Also thanks to anyone and everyone who can see themselves on a picture or who is mentioned in the text. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you all – and am looking forward to working with you – and more – in the future…

I hope you’ll take a look.

Happy browsing.

elaru xx

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