I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a fantastic 3 week European trip this summer and as I’ve only been back 48 hours, I am very much in the transition period between holiday and real life (well, as real as life ever gets for those with jobs like mine!).

It was a much-needed holiday. Creatively and professionally 2013 has been great, but it has also been extremely hectic and has involved a wide range of challenges in all aspects of life. I was aware I needed a break!

For the first few days – Paris in fantastically hot weather – I really did shake off work and home pressures, and loved simply wandering around the streets and parks, marvelling at the beauty of the city and practising my GCSE-level French (which got a really good work-out when the place where we were staying suffered from an unexpected flood!). Gradually, though, as I became more fully rested – and because theatre thoughts are never far from my mind wherever I am – I began to think about future projects and how my travelling experiences could inform and inspire future work.

I don’t have any conclusion – yet – as to how this summer will affect future projects, but I know it will: I have so many images imprinted in my head. Images of great art, such as sculptures in the Rodin Museum in Paris and in a fantastic gallery in Amiens; awe-inspiring history, such as the 6th largest amphitheatre in the world at Pula in Croatia; amazing buildings and cityscapes – Venice, Paris, Amiens; and sheer natural beauty – the mountainous Vercors Region near Grenoble. They will stay with me and will, I am sure, find their way in some form into future work.

Here are just a few of those images in a short video.

More soon.
elaru xxx