Tis The Season

Last week, 18 performers, in 17 homes, livestreamed a rehearsed read of A Christmas Carol to facebook. We’d only zoom-met for one rehearsal beforehand (my choice to make it very light touch!) and we were all delighted it went so well. Here are some of my favourite screenshots from that performance – definitely a Christmas show to remember…

The shots above were collected when I arranged the video for youtube and the link to the whole performance can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnZbi2zyuUg – if you watch and enjoy, please let us know on social media by using the hashtag #elartproductions

So, with only a very few days to go until Christmas, my thoughts are now starting to turn to projects that I’m hoping will happen in 2021 (though I hope to have a little break first – with an out of office on email and everything!). 2020 has taught me (probably all of us!) to take very little for granted, but I had a lovely boost a couple of weeks ago when a creative project for young people that I am a part of received funding from Curious Minds and also yesterday, when I became one of the very lucky recipients of an Arts Council Develop Your Creative Practice grant. The DYCP grant will, I hope, enable me to further develop my skills and network in inclusive theatre work, especially of the kind I have been discovering through TramShed Theatre Company, the GRT project with The Dukes Theatre and #funpalaces. I have a range of exciting conversations lined up with some brilliant people and I can’t wait to share ideas with them and learn from their experiences. All these conversations – and lots of hard work on my part – will hopefully lead eventually to some more inclusive theatre and arts events of all kinds, both on and offline. (If any one reading this would like to hear more -and/or be involved in what are incredibly fledgling ideas at the moment – please get in touch – the more the merrier.)

So, workwise, that’s 2020: a sincere thanks to anyone who has been involved in any way with any of my work this year. Strange as it has been, I have found much to love – and feel very thankful for that.

Merry Christmas.


elaru xx